We invest in skilled and invested management teams and we support them by sharing our experience in building businesses that last.

We focus primarily on consumer oriented companies in their power lane – ‘Keep Living Better.’

Maywic values a close and direct relationship with its portfolio companies and their management teams. We source opportunities from our intimate network of friends, co-investors and limited partners, with the belief that the quality of the introduction speaks to the quality of the company. It is not in our nature to be ‘quiet capital’, so we frequently leverage our experiences and network to provide value-add input.

Our goal is to identify and partner with companies that have management teams with the capacity to go from base camp to the next level and have the ability to transition from ‘Arithmetic to Geometry’ – Big Ideas.

Core Criteria

Outstanding management with a track record and a thorough understanding of the business.

Committed operating leadership with time, money, emotion, and reputation invested in the company.

The company should be advancing into real economic growth and critical mass—arithmetic to geometry.

A straightforward, easy to understand value proposition.

The company has a clear market niche and products that compete on more than just pricing.

Positive chemistry and synergy with the operating team.